Age Groups - Tribes

Tribe Last Finished Grade
Apache Grades 1-3
Shawnee Grade 4 - Shawnee
Comanche Grade 5 Comanche
Choctaw Grade 6 - Choctaw
Mohican Grade 7 - Mohican
Arapaho † Grades 8-10
Sioux Trailblazers † Grades 9-10
Campers are placed by grade first, then age. Some variation may occur based on the number of registered campers.

† If your child has completed the 9th or 10th grade he has the option to be part of the Arapaho tribe or the Sioux Trailblazers. The Arapaho is an in-camp tribe (as are the other tribes) while the Sioux Trailblazers is an out-of-camp tribe. For more information about the Sioux Trailblazers see Campouts & Trips.