Age Groups - Tribes

Tribe Last Finished Grade
Apache Grades 1-3
Shawnee Grade 4 - Shawnee
Comanche Grade 5 Comanche
Choctaw Grade 6 - Choctaw
Mohican Grade 7 - Mohican
Arapaho † Grades 8-10
Sioux Trailblazers † Grades 9-10
Campers are placed by grade first, then age. Some variation may occur based on the number of registered campers.

† If your child has completed the 9th or 10th grade he has the option to be part of the Arapaho tribe or the Sioux Trailblazers. The Arapaho is an in-camp tribe (as are the other tribes) while the Sioux Trailblazers is an out-of-camp tribe. For more information about the Sioux Trailblazers see Campouts & Trips.

Sioux Trailblazer Experience

Our Sioux Trailblazers experience nature to the fullest. They venture out for 3-4 day hikes in groups no larger than 10. They hike on the Foothills Trail, up to Mount Mitchell (the highest peak east of the Mississippi), in the Linville Gorge Wilderness, and various other scenic areas. The Sioux Trailblazers encounter Christ on the trail in a way that is very special. The relationships they form with other campers as well as staff members and the quiet of the mountains show them the reality of God.

While the Sioux Trailblazers spend the majority of their time on wilderness trips out of camp, they do participate in many camp activities with the rest of the campers and staff. These include campwide games, Council Ring, worship, Campfire, Sock Wars, activities with Crestridge, and much more. The Dear Sioux Trailblazers letter will give you the necessary information to prepare for a summer with the Trailblazers, including an equipment list.