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Welcome to Ridgecrest Summer Camp online registration. When you register online, our service will automatically let you know if there is availability in the session of your choice. If that session is full, you may choose another session on the same secure website.

We provide the session status chart below for your convenience regarding each session’s availability. Numbers indicate spaces left in a session. Sessions marked WAITING LIST have a waiting list. This chart is updated frequently but real-time availability is found through the online registration process. If you notice that the session you would like is full, please proceed with the online registration process to be added to the waiting list.

Session Dates Rate Apache
1 ,2, or 3




8, 9, or 10

9, 10, or 11
1st Two-Week Session 6/7-6/19
$2,4005 19 17 Open 175 Waiting List
2nd Two-Week Session 6/21-7/3 $2,400 3 18 Waiting List19 11 Waiting List Waiting List
3rd Two-Week Session 7/5-7/17 $2,400 3 Open Waiting List19 15Waiting List Waiting List
4th Two-Week Session 7/19-7/31 $2,400 Waiting List1 Waiting List 4 Waiting List 12 10
1st Four-Week Session 6/7-7/3 $4,500 3 18 Waiting List19 11 Waiting List Waiting List
2nd Four-Week Session 6/21-7/17 $4,500 3 18 Waiting List 19 11 Waiting List Waiting List
3rd Four-Week Session 7/5-7/31 $4,500 Waiting List 1 Waiting List 4 Waiting List Waiting ListWaiting List
1st Six-Week Session 6/7-7/17 $6,750318 Waiting List19 11 Waiting List Waiting List
2nd Six-Week Session 6/21-7/31 $6,750 Waiting List 1 Waiting List 4 Waiting List Waiting List Waiting List
Eight Week Session 6/7-7/31 $9,000 Waiting List 1 Waiting List4Waiting List Waiting List Waiting List
Starter Camp 8/2-8/7 $1000 Open Open Open n/a n/a n/a n/a

The Starter Camp is for NEW CAMPERS ONLY who have completed grades 1-5, specifically for those who would like a five night camp.

Boys Tribe / Grade / Age Group Key

Tribe Last Finished Grade
Apache Grades 1-3
Shawnee Grade 4
Comanche Grade 5
Choctaw Grades 6
Mohican Grade 7
Arapaho † Grades 8-11
Sioux Trailblazers † Grades 9-11

Campers are placed by grade first, then age. Some variation may occur based on the number of registered campers.

† If your child has completed the 9th, 10th or 11th grade he has the option to be part of the Arapaho tribe or the Sioux Trailblazers. The Arapaho is an in-camp tribe (as are the other tribes) while the Sioux Trailblazers is an out-of-camp tribe. For more information about the Sioux Trailblazers see Campouts & Trips.

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A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your child's space at camp. The deposit is $200 for each two week session (and Starter Camp). At the end of the online registration form you will have the choice to pay either the deposit or the full amount by credit card, or you can send us a check by mail. After May 1, full tuition is due and will be required in the registration process. This is a secure website and paying by credit card should not pose any security risks for you.