Positions Available

There are plenty of ways to plug in if you are interested in employment at camp. One aspect of each position though is the impact you’ll have on kids in this ministry. Each job has its own way of serving kids and Christ, and each job has its own unique merit of service. Listed below you will find our available positions and brief job descriptions. Please contact us if you would like to receive a detailed job description. Food and lodging are provided with all positions.

These staff members work in a cabin with a group of 8-10 campers and are responsible for the overall well being of the children. They also teach or assist in a particular skill area. Must be 18 years of age and finished with your first year of college, or college equivalent (base salary: $245/week).

Junior Counselors
These staff members work in a cabin as well and assist the counselor in their duties. They typically assist in teaching a particular skill area. Must be 18 years of age and finished with the 12th grade (base salary: $185/week).

Directors and Leaders
Crafts, Waterfront, Camp Pastor and Age Group (Tribal) Leaders. Experienced staff members who have worked with us in the past typically fill these positions. Occasionally, we will have a need for hiring an individual that is new to camp (base salary: dependent on position and experience).

We hire 4 office workers who act as receptionists at Camp Ridgecrest. Receptionist duties include answering phones, managing mail, maintaining the camp schedule as well as other duties assigned by the directors. (base salary: $245/week).

Outdoor Adventure Staff
We hire a director and two assistants for our Outdoor Adventure Program. Duties consist of instruction and facilitation of mountain biking, rock climbing, and low ropes course initiatives (base salary: dependent on position and experience).

Horseback Staff
We hire a Horseback Director and two assistants for our horseback program. These staff members spend most of their time working in our horseback program, teaching the campers, and caring for the horses. Certified instructors are desired. Horseback experience is required. We make certification training available to our staff (base salary: dependent on position and experience).

Laundry Staff
These staff members are responsible for performing laundry duties for campers and staff on the premises. Two laundry employees are hired at boy's camp. One laundry employee is hired at girl's camp who typically works in exchange for their child coming to camp (base salary: $245/week).

Purchasing and Transportation Coordinator
The Purchasing and Transportation Coordinator is responsible to the Administrative Director for running errands into town, coordinating supply lists and purchasing supplies, overseeing all camp vehicles, and assisting the Administrative Director with tasks as needed. This position will also assist the Special Projects Coordinator when necessary (base salary: $250/week).

Special Projects Coordinator
The Special Projects Coordinator is responsible to the Administrative Director for developing and executing small project and tasks around camp, assisting the full time maintenance staff, helping ensure that the camp property is well maintained, and assisting the Administrative Director as needed. This position will also assist the Purchasing and Transportation Coordinator when necessary (base salary: $250/week).

The first of our two photographer positions takes digital photos of activities each day and uploads them to our website for parents to view. He/she will also write daily articles about what each age group is doing at camp for upload to our website (base salary dependent upon experience, with weekly bonus incentives).

Social Media Photographer
The second of our two photographers is responsible for working alongside the Assistant Director to manage the Camp's social media presence during the summer. He/she will regularly make posts and interact with followers on behalf of the Camp. This person will also assist the Photographer with taking photos during busy times in the camp schedule (base salary dependent upon experience, with weekly bonus incentives).

Our videographer handles all duties of shooting, editing, and production of the camp videos for each session as well as a staff video. These are typically 15 minutes in length and delivered to the campers on the last day of camp. Applicants should have experience with Final Cut X and Mac Software (base salary: dependent upon experience).

We hire three registered nurses or Doctors at each camp. Most of these employees work in exchange for their child coming to camp.

Medical Assistant
This can be either a male or female summer staff person who acts as an assistant to the Nurses and Doctors who are serving at Camp Ridgecrest. This person will have direct interaction with campers and other staff in the infirmary and will help campers receive the best care possible while at camp. We prefer for this person to be a nursing student, or even an undergrad student who is considering a career in the medical field. We will also consider students who are WFR or EMT certified (base salary: $245/week).

We hire and train about 15 Lifeguards each summer. These lifeguards are also counselors or central staff with additional responsibilities. On top of their counselor salary, our lifeguards earn an extra $15/week for their time on the waterfront. In addition, camp will cover the cost of their certification.

Grounds and Beautification Coordinator
We have one male or female staff person who is responsible for keeping several of our buildings and public restrooms clean and sanitized. This person will also be responsible for general grounds work including: watering flowers, pruning and fertilizing shrubs, and keeping the property clear of trash and debris. (base salary: $240/week)

SALT (Service and Leadership Training) Program
Available to 17 year olds at Camp Ridgecrest for Boys. The SALT Program is for former campers or those new to camp who wish to be part of camp life, but more importantly seek to develop leadership, service, and discipleship abilities. SALT participants live together under the supervision of a director who is typically upperclassmen in college or a college graduate. Spaces are limited to 7-10 per session. Sessions last 4 weeks. The cost of the program is $800 (a quarter of what it would cost as a camper). This money goes back into the SALT program to pay for their trips, entertainment and basic needs in order to increase the quality of their time and training while at camp. The SALT program has three main components: service, discipleship, and fellowship. The camp administration sees this as a vital part of developing the long-term leadership of Camp Ridgecrest and beyond.