What Campers Say

  • Dean with circle
  • Dean with camper
  • Thomas and campers on overlook
  • Zach and Apache
  • Tory with campers
Camp Ridgecrest is unlike any other place on earth. It is steeped in tradition and built on joy of relationships with Jesus Christ. Camp is about truly living life! It is about living life the way God intended it, to the full. The adventures, friendships, and fun at camp are unbelievable…but don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of our campers say:

“Camp Ridgecrest is the best camp ever, I grow closer to God and I’m coming back next year no matter what.” Chad—Jacksonville, Florida

“This was my first year at Ridgecrest and I had a blast. Camp is the coolest place on earth, I wish I could stay all year!” John—Charlotte, North Carolina

“Camp is a place where boys go crazy and do things out of the norm. Camp Ridgecrest is such a special place because its not ‘just another summer camp.’” Jason—Raleigh, North Carolina

“My counselors were awesome, they cared for me and listened to everything I said. I love camp…I have so much fun here.” Blake—Alexandria, Virginia

“Thank you so much for an incredible summer. This was my first time away at camp and I loved it. What a great place to be with God and have fun!” Tyler—Atlanta, Georgia

“I enjoy camp so much, getting to come back and see good friends and to be in a Christian environment. Each year gets better and better.” Eric—Orlando, Florida

“It’s just something special here at camp and it’s really hard to explain with words. You just have to be here. It only takes a spark to get a fire going…and that’s what camp is, a whole bunch of sparks combining into one large fire, and if you stand by the fire, it not only warms you, but consumes you with joy.” John—Birmingham, Alabama