SALT Program

SALT stands for Service and Leadership Training. It is a program for former campers (as well as those new to camp) that have completed the 11th grade. A transition year between camper and staffer, SALT is meant to equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to be successful at Camp Ridgecrest and beyond. SALTs are neither campers nor staffers - they are something completely unique that blends the best elements of both. This unique position provides the perfect setting for a life-changing summer. SALT is not only a transition between the two different phases of Camp life but a transition between two different phases of life: from boyhood to manhood.

How Do I Become a SALT?

There are 3 steps to becoming a SALT:

1. Apply online by October 1 of your Junior year of HS. (Log in through your parent's account.)

2. Get a letter of recommendation.

3. Have a phone interview with a Camp Director.

Anyone interested in becoming a SALT should apply in the Fall of their junior year of high school. SALTs are hired in the Fall, so the earlier you apply, the better. If you are eligible for the SALT program, you can access the application through the normal camper registration page. Log in using your parents’ account and select the SALT option when prompted. You will also need to provide a letter of recommendation in addition to your completed application.

SALTs are then chosen based off of who the directors feel like will best serve Camp. We are not looking for perfect, experienced applicants with perfect resumes; we want guys who are willing to work hard, learn, and serve in a way that glorifies the Lord.

The cost of the program is $800 (a quarter of what it would cost as a camper). This money goes back into the SALT program to pay for their trips, entertainment, and basic needs to increase the quality of their time and training while at Camp.

Each SALT group is at Camp for a month - either the first or second half of the summer. Your dates will be determined after you apply, but we take what session you have come to Camp in the past as well as any other summer plans you may have into account.

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Where do I send my letter of recommendation?
It can be emailed to or to

Is the SALT Program ONLY for former campers?
No. While many of our SALT participants are former campers, the program is open to young men who have no camp experience at all.

How long does a SALT session last?
SALT serve for a little over 4 weeks, or two camper sessions. These sessions are roughly the month of June (camper session 1,2) and the month of July (camper sessions 3,4). SALT participants come in 2-3 days before the session starts for training and a trip, before starting. The SALT group will stay together during the break between their 2-week sessions and will not need to be picked up.

What are the primary SALT responsibilities?
The two main areas where SALT serve Camp are in the kitchen and cleaning the bathhouses. SALT participants work in shifts and in smaller teams and rotate their days and weeks between different responsibilities around camp. There are teams who are on "kitchen duty" and other teams are on "bathhouse duty". Additionally, SALT participants are assigned to a camper cabin, where they will learn some of the responsibilities of being a counselor, build relationships with campers, and get a chance to lead a devotion.

When will I know if I've been accepted into SALT?
The application and interview process takes place in the fall and our goal is to inform all applicants of their status by Christmas. This isn't a guarantee and every year is a little different, but that's our general timeline. SALT is not a first-come first-serve process. We take time to interview ALL applicants before deciding on and informing everyone at the same time.