Attendance Guidelines - Weekend Family Camps

Our heart is to love people well and point them to the hope found in Jesus. We provide overnight camp experiences specifically designed for boys at Camp Ridgecrest, and for girls at Camp Crestridge. For this or any number of reasons, our Camps may not be the best option for every child and every family. We hope these Attendance Guidelines - informed by camp’s historic legacy, our commitment to supporting our staff’s strengths and capabilities, and our best understanding of God's Word - provide helpful clarity for families.

  • Families must sign and agree to the Weekend Camp Guidelines. Individuals who are not able to abide by these guidelines will not be able to stay at camp.
  • For Mother Daughter and Father Son weekends, participants may only attend the camp that aligns with their biological sex at birth.
  • Families acknowledge that Camp Ridgecrest is specifically designed and programmed for boys, and Camp Crestridge is specifically designed and programmed for girls. Camp's leadership will not be able to accommodate requests that deviate from this design.
  • Our Family Camps are specifically designed for people related to one another by marriage (the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment), blood, or adoption. And yes, single-parent families are welcome!

If, after reviewing these Guidelines, you aren’t sure our Camp is the best fit for your child and family, we welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you by phone. And, if we’re not the best fit, we will be happy to assist you with a recommendation for a different camp. There are many great Christian camps operating today, with a variety of sizes, geographic locations, programs, age groups, and attendance guidelines


We are sometimes asked how certain important and sensitive topics may impact our Attendance Guidelines. We hope the Q & As below provide helpful clarity. Members of our camp leadership team are available for additional questions, concerns, and discussion.

  • Can a boy with two dads in a homosexual relationship attend Father Son with both of their dads? Or a girl with two moms in a homosexual relationship attend Mother Daughter with both of their moms? We would only permit one parent per household to attend.
  • Are grandfathers and grandmothers allowed to attend? Yes! Grandfathers are welcome at Family Camp and Father Son, and grandmothers are welcome at Family Camp and Mother Daughter.
  • Can a family with same-sex parents attend Family Camp? No, this would not be consistent with our Attendance Guidelines. There are many great family camps operating today, each with its own focus and attendance guidelines. Like other family camps, our program focus is designed with certain groups in mind – specifically, people related to one another by marriage (the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment), blood, or adoption.
  • Are single-parent families welcome at Family Camp? Absolutely!
  • At Family Camp, can unmarried couples stay in the same cabin? We will not place unmarried, romantically involved adults in a cabin together at Family Camp. For extended families, we do allow unmarried adults who are related by blood, adoption, or marriage to stay in the same cabin.
  • We have a child who is navigating questions about their gender identity. Are we welcome at your camp? We invite you to give us a call so we can better understand your family’s needs, your expectations, and share what we can and cannot do. While our heart is to love all people well, we are not equipped to be the right camp for every family. We are not able to place an individual who presents as a sex different that their biological sex at borth in a cabin during our camps. Our camps are not designed - and our staff are not equipped – to adequately meet the complexities of a shared living arrangement under these circumstances.

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