Our Beliefs

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How Our Beliefs Impact Your Son's Experience

Ridgecrest Summer Camps’ mission is Impacting Lives for God’s Glory Through Discipleship and Adventure. Camp Ridgecrest is a unique environment where boys learn to become men while experiencing the love of the living Savior.

While at camp, we highlight the importance of knowing and trusting Jesus, understanding the gospel, and growing in our faith. We talk about how following Jesus alone is tough, and God designed us to pursue Him in community. We point campers to God’s Word and focus on gospel essentials. We believe this focus – for nearly 100 years - has allowed Camp Ridgecrest to become both a place and an experience set apart from the discord, disagreement, and controversies that increasingly consume our modern world.

We understand that Christians – while believing in gospel essentials – sometimes disagree on other issues. We believe our two-week camp experience is not the best setting for theological debates and detailed discussions on some sensitive topics. We hope and pray our campers will look to appropriate role models back home, including parents and local church leaders, to dive deeper and unpack these important issues as part of their spiritual journey.

Like all people, we are broken, and we desperately rely on God’s grace and the hope of salvation found in Jesus. (Ephesians 2:8-9) We seek to accomplish our mission in the most effective ways possible, even as we humbly recognize we are an imperfect organization and that we are imperfect people. (Matthew 7:3-5) Some of our beliefs impact our Attendance Guidelines, including an orthodox view of sexuality, marriage, and gender founded in our best understanding of God’s Word. In the link below, we hope to provide helpful clarity and transparency about a few issues that may impact your decision regarding your son’s attendance at Camp Ridgecrest.