Father Son Camp

Please read eligibility and FAQ's below!

(Registration guide: Please fill out the form in the father's name and choose "12+" for the grade. Under additional options, indicate the number of participants in each category. Only one adult per household (Dad, your dad can come too!). No deposit is required. Please pay tuition when you register or by May 1. If after May 1, please pay full amount. You will receive a confirmation email that will direct you to a link to provide additional information on each participant. Please fill that out as soon as possible after registering.)

You asked for it for years! We are creating a chance for you to share the Camp Ridgecrest experience with your son. Each summer at camp, your boy creates life changing memories and moments that help shape him into a Godly young man. We believe that it is important to provide dads with an opportunity to join your sons in this journey that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Join us as we let "boys-be-boys" by playing hard, creating relationships, and experiencing God’s love in the middle of His creation. Dads, let us help set you up as the hero in your son’s life. Build your relationship through shared experiences that can only happen here.

Imagine you and your son Blobbing together, going off the zip line, down the slide, through the mud pit, up the climbing wall, around the campfire, down the trail, and in the cabin. Imagine playing Sockwar on the same team, throwing water balloons, going fishing, shooting a rifle or a bow and arrow. Imagine praying together, asking questions and actually getting answers.

Camp Ridgecrest is not simply a place where your boys can grow as individuals; it’s a place where you can grow together as a family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the Weekend?
August 23-25, 2019

How do I register my family?
Just click here! Make sure you register in your name, and put the grade completed as "12+"!

How much does it cost?
Father/Son Pair: $365
Additional Son or Grandfather: $125

Where will we be staying?
Fathers and Sons will be staying in our newly renovated cabins. You will be grouped with other fathers and sons into a cabin. There will be no more than 10 people in each cabin. The cabins are clustered around a bath house that includes toilets, urinals, sinks and showers.

What will we be doing?
While we don't want to spoil the surprise, we will give you a little taste. We hope to create a Camp Ridgecrest-like experience for you and your son to enjoy together. We want to set you up as the hero. We want you both to have an absolute blast, filled with adventure, fun, laughter, relaxation, learning, and growth. We desire that you grow closer together as family, and ultimately closer to the Lord. It's our goal that this would be the best weekend of your year!

What to bring?
Don't worry, we will provide a detailed packing list for all of our registered campers.

Will we talk about God?
Yes we will. While we hope to point everyone to Jesus, we also believe that it should be a fun experience. We don't do cheesy, and we try not to do awkward. We have found that our God is filled with adventure and we want to explore that with you and your son.

I have more than 1 son, can we all come together?
Yes, of course.

Can we request to be in the same cabin as other fathers and sons?
You may request to share a cabin with another family, but please understand we do not place unmarried, romantically involved adults in the same cabin. There is a cabin roommate request on your registration form. While we can't guarantee any cabin placements, we try very hard to please everyone.

Are there any minimum age requirements?

Yes, we ask that the boys be at least 6 years of age before attending this weekend.

What if we have never been to camp before? Can we still come?
Of course. You will not be the only father and son pair that has never been to camp Camp Ridgecrest for Boys. You will still have an amazing time with your son, and make some great friends! Plus, I can't think of a better way to "check out" Ridgecrest Summer Camps!

More questions? Just give us a call...800.968.1630.