Campers, before you come to Camp, you'll choose 6 skills you want to try! You'll do 3 skills each day for about an hour each. Skills are a chance to challenge yourself to get better at something or try something totally new you've never done before.

Percussion - Djembe

Love playing the drums? Love music? Well maybe you just love being loud and making noise. Djembe is a skill for those who enjoy playing and making music. The djembe is a drum that is played by hand, and in this skill, you will learn to keep time, play in rhythm and learn to play with others to create awesome beats and songs.

Have you ever seen the show Stomp? Or perhaps a street performer with a bucket or trash can and some drum sticks? Deep inside all guys I think there is a part of us that would love to bang on a trash can, or a 5 gallon bucket with drum sticks, especially when it actually sounds good! That is exactly why we created the Percussion skill. Absolutely no experience required. (Shawnee and older.)

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