Why A Boy's Camp

We believe strongly in running two separate camps, one serving boys and one serving girls. This single-gender approach has numerous benefits for the type of Christian camping experience we want to provide. While simply “letting boys be boys” is quite important to us, we see benefits that extend beyond this axiom. At a boy’s camp, the desire to impress females and to continue the lifestyle they know at home (for most) in a co-ed school is diminished. Our boys are more free to be themselves, to get dirty, to have fun, and to understand more clearly that God made them in His image…that he made them boys for a reason.

Boys and girls are not the same. In a single-gender camp, boys can pursue their interests without fear of being an outsider in front of their female peers. A boys' camp develops a boy's uniqueness and individuality. Counselors at a boys' camp can teach effectively in ways which reach boys and cater to their learning style.

We also know that boys and girls grow up at different rates. At camp, boys are given time to grow up at their own pace, whereas in a coed setting, the girls’ more advanced clocks define both learning and structure. Our counselors seek positive relationships that are focused on the individual. For our boys to know they can be themselves and be loved is a strong reassurance as they adjust to camp life.

Vulnerability in this setting is strong, as the opportunity for good accountability presents itself in the cabin. Counselors have seen many examples of cabin devotions and informal discussions opening up into a vibrant dialogue that would be impossible with the opposite sex present. The games and activities we provide are focused on boys; they do not fight a camper’s natural masculinity, instead they encourage healthy competition and mutual encouragement.

During a session, the girls and boys will see each other at least 1-2 times. However, you can see our belief in the tangible benefits of single-gender camping. This has been part of our mission since 1929 and we hope your child will enjoy this environment along with all that Ridgecrest has to offer.