Care Packages


In the past, we have allowed care packages at camp, one of the few camps in our area that have continued to do so. We have two concerns regarding care packages:

1) Food and candy items in the cabin areas is not a good idea. We have lots of “critters” and wildlife in our woods. Food and candy is an “attractant”, and we are designating our living areas as “no food zones”.

2) Care packages are a source of joy when a camper receives one, and a source of disappointment when they do not. A sense of competition sometimes develops over who can receive the biggest and best package. This environment is not a positive thing for our camp community.

We have made a decision, to the delight of many of our parents, to not allow care packages at camp. Any mail received that is larger than a letter will be returned to sender. If your child forgets to pack an essential item, let us know in the camp office, and the item description must be written on the outside of the package. Your child will open the package in the camp office and only be allowed to keep the essential item.

Also, please do not send your camper to camp with extra food items or candy for their stay. We are unable to keep the food items in the cabin, and we will not be able to store it for them elsewhere.
If your child is having a birthday while at camp, you will have the option to leave a small gift (non-food) in the camp office. We also try and make the birthday special with a special treat for the cabin group at lunchtime, as well as the whole camp singing to your child!

Our hope is that this policy will help us with the concerns mentioned above. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!