College Campus Recruiters

What are College Campus Recruiters? Simple, these are the guys that help bring Camp Ridgecrest close to home. More specifically, your home. We have guys that work here from all over the nation and from many different schools. Its possible that they are at your school. Check out our Campus Recruiters below and see if there is anyone from your school!

Clemson University

Trey Lockett
(205) 908-7724

Hi! My name is Trey Lockett and I am a Junior at Clemson University from Birmingham, Alabama. I was blessed to be able to just have spent my second summer at Ridgecrest! God is doing some incredible things at Camp Ridgecrest and I would love to talk to you if you are interested in being a part of that! Go Tigers!!

Universtiy of Florida

Wyatt Stilwell
(352) 258-3115

My name is Wyatt and I attend the University of Florida. This previous summer was my 3rd year on staff at camp. I have found an amazing place to go and serve the Lord in Camp Ridgecrest. I would love to share my camp expericenes with anyone interested around UF!

Travis McAfee
(239) 410-8785

My name is Travis and I am a third year Business Leadership student at the University of Florida. I love being a brother in the Christian fraternity Kappa Phi Epsilon, and also a member of the Florida Cicerones student ambassador organization. I obviously love my Gators! So if you are around Gainesville, come find me and I would love to tel you about Camp Ridgecrest!

David Notman
(954) 826-8569

My name is David and I am currently studying biology at the University of Florida. This past summer was my first year spent at Camp Ridgecrest. Camp really allowed me to both see and share the Gospel in such vivid ways. I would encourage anyone to spend their summer at Camp Ridgecrest!

Florida State University

Cam Truex
(407) 579-6437

Hello! I'm Cam Truex and I am a student at FSU. GO NOLES! I have grown up at Camp Ridgecrest, and have worked 3 summers as a summer staffer. Camp is a place that has greatly impacted my life, and I would love to talk with anyone about it. If you are around Tallahassee, give me a shout!

Liberty University

Alvah "Al" Ferguson
(301) 807-4670

I'm Al Ferguson and currently am at school at Liberty University. Go Flames! I love to rock climb, hiking, watching a sunset from a mountain top, and Mexican food. And obviously Chick-fil-a. This past year was my first summer at camp and would love to talk about how great of a place it is! So hit me up if you are around Liberty.

Curtis Johnson
(252) 796-7639

Hi, my name is Curtis Johnson and am a RA at Liberty University. I am a junior and studying Business Project Management. I love to do anything in the outdoors. I love college a lot, but I love camp more. So let me tell you about it soon!

Rich Kendall
(828) 772-2125

My name is Rich Kendall and am in my sophomore year at Liberty University. I am majoring in Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership, which means I love camp a lot! Because Jesus rocks my world, I live for the mountains, adventure, and the people He places in my life. Go Flames!

North Greenville University

Bay Bennett
(662) 897-8336

My name is Bay Bennett and I go to school at North Greenville University, right outside Greenville, South Carolina. I have grown up going to Camp Ridgecrest as a camper. It made such an impact on my, that now I work there to try and help do the same in kids' lives that are there now. If you are near North Greenville, and interested in camp, I would love to talk to you!

Presbyterian College
Davis Oppenheimer
(404) 797-4120

My name is Davis Oppenheimer and I am a student at Presbyterian College. I attended Ridgecrest as a camper and have continued on in my time there to work on staff. Camp is a super fun and impactful place. If you are interested in camp and near Presbyterian let me know!

University of Tennessee

Caleb Pineda

(804) 921-3884

I'm Caleb Pineda and I attend the University of Tennessee. I have worked at camp for three summers, and I am excited to be coming back for a fourth. If you are interested in talking about how the Lord works at Camp Ridgecrest, and are around Knoxville, please reach out!

Josh Tillery
(423) 552-5144

Hello, my name is Josh Tillery and I am a student at the Universtiy of Tennessee. GO VOLS! This will be my fourth summer at camp, and I can't think of another place I'd rather be. The Lord works in huge ways at camp, and I'd love to talk to anyone interested in the oppertunity. If you are around UT give me a shout!

Western Kentucky University

Trevor Stacey
(606) 875-3661

Hey everyone! My name is Trevor Stacey and study Organizational Leadership at the amazing Western Kentucky University. I have a passion for missions and hope to own my own Christ-centered camp or business eventually. I have spent 2 amazing summers at Camp Ridgecrest. So come find me at WKU to hear more about it!

Lander University

Jeremiah Grooms
(864) 941-2923

What is up?! My name is Jeremiah Grooms and I'm a junior at Lander University. This summer will by 3rd summer at Camp Ridgecrest. The last two summers have been incredible and I would love to talk to anyone about Ridgecrest. If you are around Lander (or Erskine) hit me up!


Maxx Marshall
(850) 597-0385

Maxx Marshall here! I am currently a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I write lots of songs, read lots of psalms and drink lots of tea (highly standard nashvillian hobbies). My interests include waterfalls and whales. In Christ alone my hope is found. I grew up here at Ridgecrest as well as worked on staff for 3 summers. So come talk to me if you around Belmont or Nashville!

Auburn University

Chandler Steverson
(850) 363-6381

Hey everyone! My name is Chandler Steverson and attend Auburn where I study History. I love to read, run, and sleep (though never at the same time). I can debate any subject, drink sweet tea by the gallon and love a good bible study. I went to Ridgecrest for 10 years as a camper before coming to work on staff. Feel free to contact me so that you can find out more about camp!

Nick Pearson
(407) 920-0107

My name is Nick Pearson and hail from Orlando, Florida! I love football, fishing, and all sports (especially my Florida Gators). Funnily enough, I look like the guy from Dude Perfect. I am coming back to camp for my second year and couldn't be more excited. If you are around the bright jewel of Orlando, lets talk about camp!