COVID Guidelines 2022

Listed below are our current 2022 Covid Guidelines. Please realize that these guidelines are subject to change if the situation with Covid changes. Updated 6/21/22.


We will not require Covid vaccinations for our staff or campers. We are strongly recommending to our staff and campers that they get the COVID vaccine and keep their vaccinations up to date with boosters as recommended to lessen the chances of an outbreak of Covid at camp.

Pre-Camp Testing & Protocols

Each camper will be required to show proof of a negative antigen Rapid Covid Test at the gate. Each camper must take the Rapid Covid Test within 24 hours of arrival. The rapid test may be a self-administered “at home” test, or a test from a medical provider. Proof should include a picture of the negative test, or a report of your test results. Note: the appearance of the physical test may fade or change after some time, so please take a picture to share.

If someone in the child’s household tests positive on Tuesday or later the week prior to arrival, the following requirements must be met before they can come to camp:

    • The child must have a negative rapid test, taken five days after the last known exposure to that symptomatic household member. (The five-day count will begin at either the last known exposure date, or the last day the household member experiences symptoms.)
    • If the family member who tested positive is, and remains, asymptomatic, the camper must take a rapid test 5 days after the family member tested positive. This test result must be negative.

If a camper does test positive within 24 hours prior to arrival (or anytime in the 5 days leading up to arrival), they must wait five days, have improving symptoms and no fever, and have a negative rapid test before they can come to camp.

If a camper who tested positive for COVID more than 5 days prior to arrival and has fully recovered within the 3 weeks prior to arrival, but still tests positive within 24 hours of arrival, that camper may present a Proof of Recovery (doctor’s note) and come into camp. We encourage any incoming camper who may fall within this scenario to secure a Proof of Recovery (doctor's note) in advance.

We encourage families to limit their children’s exposure to large groups, especially indoors, for the week leading up to their arrival at camp.

We encourage campers who are flying in to do their rapid test prior to traveling. Proof of the negative test will be required before coming into camp.

Opening Day

Parents will have a choice of coming into camp with their child or dropping their child off at the arrival area.

Camper temperatures will be checked upon arrival. Campers with a temperature of 100.4 or higher (consistently) will be turned away. Campers may return to camp when their temperature returns to normal for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Campers with a temperature in the range of 99.5 – 100.3 (consistently) will be kept at camp or our conference center under staff supervision until it goes down.If not down in 12 hours, the camper will be sent home.

Program and Groups

We plan to return to single shift meals this summer! Everyone will eat together in the dining hall at the same time.

Campwide activities will be held with all ages participating together.

Response Management of a Covid Case or Probable Case at Camp

A camper or staff member identified as having a potential case of Covid will remain in an isolation room as part of Camp’s communicable disease plan.

If a camper has convincing Covid symptoms:

We will do a rapid test and/or a PCR test and contact the parents of the child.

If the test returns positive, we will ask the parents to come and get their child within 24 hours. We will offer a refund for the unused portion of their tuition.

We will only be notifying families if there is a positive case in their child’s cabin.

We will email the parents of the campers in the affected child’s cabin to let them know their child has been exposed. We will ask members of that cabin to wear a mask when in an activity inside with other cabins for the remainder of their stay, or 10 days, whichever comes first. Parents of these campers will have the option to have their child tested, or come and get their child if they want, but no refund will be given.

If a staff member has convincing Covid symptoms:

We will do a rapid test and/or a PCR test.

If the test returns positive, the staff member will isolate at camp or leave the property for 5 days.

The staff member will be allowed to return to duty after 5 days if their symptoms have improved and they have had no fever for at least 24 hours, but will need to wear a mask indoors or when within six feet from others until 10 days have passed since the onset of their symptoms.

If both staff members in a cabin test positive for Covid, then the campers in that cabin will likely have to go home. In this case, a prorated refund would be available.

Face Covering Protocols

We will ask each camper to bring at least 10 single-use masks in case they are needed.

We will not be wearing masks unless there has been an exposure to Covid in the cabin, but your child is welcome to wear a mask when they feel they need to.

If a child has been exposed to Covid 19 while at camp, he/she will be required to wear masks inside, except for in the cabin and while eating a meal, for 10 days.

North Carolina recommends that unvaccinated individuals wear masks indoors. Ridgecrest Summer Camp will not be tracking who is or isn’t vaccinated during activities. If you want your child to wear a mask for indoor events, please share that information with them.

Parent Communication

Pre-Camp: Our most up-to-date policies will be posted online. These policies may change as updated information becomes available.

During Camp: We will report confirmed cases within your camper’s cabin, as well as the camp’s response.

We can’t wait for summer 2022. We are thrilled at the possibilities this summer offers. We know that your children need camp and all that it offers. As always please feel free to email, call or chat with us online if you have any questions.