Campers, before you come to Camp, you'll choose 6 skills you want to try! You'll do 3 skills each day for about an hour each. Most Skills are designed for campers who are new to an activity. If you are already well experienced in a particular skill we encourage you to try something totally new that you've never done before. Also the skills below are what we hope to offer this summer; but, some skills may change before you arrive.


Airsoft is a popular sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with round plastic pellets launched from airsoft guns. Airsoft is commonly compared to paintball. Airsoft pellets are much smaller than paintballs and travel with less velocity; therefore, they tend to sting less. Our Airsoft skill meets in our outdoor wooded airsoft/paintball course consisting of trails, bunkers, barrels and trees. The instructors will train on safety and lead the campers through a number of different scenario games and activities. (Leatherwood - completed 4th grade and older)

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