Campers, before you come to Camp, you'll choose 6 skills you want to try! You'll do 3 skills each day for about an hour each. Most Skills are designed for campers who are new to an activity. If you are already well experienced in a particular skill we encourage you to try something totally new that you've never done before. Also the skills below are what we hope to offer this summer; but, some skills may change before you arrive.

Mountain Biking

For Ridgecrest campers finished with the 6th grade (Rattlesnake Tribe and older), this skill is a favorite year after year. Many come to camp with the knowledge of riding a bike, but are opened up to a new world when introduced to mountain biking. The skill progresses from lake rides and fundamentals to trail rides to trips at local riding areas. Trips go out to Bent Creek, Mills River, Tom’s Creek, and more; some of the best mountain biking around. Both single and double track riding are taught dependent on the campers’ skill level.

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