General Safety

Safety at camp is of utmost importance. We desire for all of our campers to have the experience of a lifetime, pursuing adventure and new challenges. We want them to have the opportunity to do all of this in a safe, managed environment.

PA System

Our Camps are equipped with a PA system that can instantly communicate with the entire property. With a receptionist on duty 15 hours a day, we can quickly play a pre-recorded message, campus-wide fire alarm, or just a friendly announcement asking a camper to come join his cabin in the dining hall. Protocols are also in place in the event that we lose power.

Handheld Radio Communications

With over 50 radios in use across Ridgecrest Summer Camps, all of Camp's leadership and many of our summer staff are equipped with radios that connect not only each area of camp, but also both of our Camp properties. These radios, paired with Repeaters that boost their signal for miles, provide quick and efficient communication between staff.

Security Cameras

Both camp properties are monitored 24 hours a day with up to 30 security cameras, protecting entrances, and other key areas.

Automatic Gates

All of our Camp entrances are secured with automatic gates that remain closed to the general public. Access is gained by contacting the camp office or entering a personal security code.

Overnight Security

As our campers and staff head off to bed after an action-packed day at camp, one of our contracted police officers quietly patrols the campus, without the knowledge of campers, until the camp wakes up again the next morning.

These policies and practices are reviewed each year to ensure that we do everything within our power to protect the campers and staff that are on our property and a part of our camp family.