Weather Safety

Ridgecrest Summer Camps is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, backing up to the Pisgah National Forest. With hundreds of acres at our disposal, it is an immaculate setting to experience life and learn about our Creator. We do understand that with this opportunity sometimes means interacting with inclement weather. Therefore, we have extensive weather systems in place to ensure that our campers and our staff remain as safe as possible. Here are some of the safeguards in place to protect us as we interact with Mother Nature:

On Site Lightening Detection System

All of our Campuses are monitored by ThorGuard, an on-site lightning prediction and warning system that measures the electromagnetic disruptions in the atmosphere and not only predicts when lightning will strike but also notifies our leadership in advance so that we can proactively move campers to safety, rather than react to a storm as it is happening. For more info visit:

PA System

Our Camps are equipped with a PA system that can instantly communicate with the entire property. With a receptionist on duty 15 hours a day, we can quickly play a pre-recorded message, campus-wide fire alarm, or just a friendly announcement asking a camper to come join his cabin in the dining hall. This system is used regularly throughout the day and is a great asset in communicating with everyone quickly.

Handheld Radio Communications

With over 90 radios in use across Ridgecrest Summer Camps, all of Camp's leadership and many of our summer staff are equipped with radios that connect not only each property but also the Conference Center down the road. These radios, paired with "Repeaters" that boost their signal for miles, provide quick and efficient communication to our leadership, Medical Team, Maintenance, and Safety Team anywhere on our property and the surrounding areas. Local first responding agencies also have access to our private channels should they ever need this access in an emergency event.

Weather Alert App

Our leadership subscribes to a national Weather Alert App that notifies us of any inclement weather, including rain, lightning, storms, high winds, or other significant weather events. We cross-reference these alerts with the local weather radar images to get an accurate picture of what weather is headed our way. Paired with our On-Site Lightning Detection System, we are able to compare results and estimates from multiple weather agencies.