Driving Directions
I-40 Heading East: to exit 66 (Ridgecrest), right turn off of the ramp, first left turn (Yates Avenue), camp entrance .25 mile on right.
I-40 Heading West: to exit 66 (Ridgecrest), left turn off of the ramp, over the interstate, first left turn (Yates Avenue), camp entrance .25 mile on right.

GPS Address:
290 Yates Ave.
Ridgecrest, NC 28770
(If Ridgecrest is not recognized, please use Black Mountain)

MapQuest: Ridgecrest, NC

Distance from Major Camper Hubs
Atlanta, GA - 217 Miles
Charlotte, NC - 117 miles
Jacksonville, FL - 451 miles
Knoxville, TN - 131 miles
Miami, FL - 803 miles
Orlando, FL - 592 miles

Airport Transportation
The camp does not assume responsibility for arranging transportation to camp, but we are more than willing to assist in this matter. Consult your airline agent for schedules. Campers should plan on flying in on the Sunday of Opening Day, and flying out on the Friday of Closing Day.

Campers will be met at the airport if we are notified in advance of arrival times. We have staff members stationed at the airport all day as campers arrive and depart on their flights. The Asheville airport is small enough that your child will have no problem locating the camp staff (easily identified in camp shirts and nametags). We ask that you instruct your camper to keep an eye out for the camp representative and to stay with them until departing for camp on one of our buses. Buses will be shuttling back and forth between the airport and camp throughout the day, so the wait should be minimal. We ask for your assistance in reminding your child to “buckle up” on this ride and they will be reminded by the staff as well. Upon arriving at camp, they will proceed immediately through the registration process and meet their counselors. If any changes occur in camp bus transportation (which is highly unlikely), parents will be notified or may choose to call the number listed below.

We can make the same arrangements for any camper arriving via bus. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-968-1630 or via email (