Ridgecrest Foundation

Who is the Ridgecrest Foundation?

Following Lifeway’s 2020 announcement of plans to sell Ridgecrest Conference Center, Camp Crestridge for Girls, and Camp Ridgecrest for Boys, a dedicated group of men and women started praying for Lifeway leadership, Ridgecrest team members, and the next steward of these ministries – whomever that might be. Over time they began exploring the possibility of becoming that steward, adding specific expertise, prayer supporters, and counsel from wise advisors – and God provided the opportunity.

Formalized in September 2020 as a Delaware nonprofit corporation, the Ridgecrest Foundation, Inc., now serves as the parent organization for each of the Ridgecrest ministries and their respective assets. As stated in the Foundation’s by-laws, the primary purposes of the Foundation are “to share the love of God, as revealed through the life and teachings of his only son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and through the Holy Bible, God’s Word; to be a steward of the legacy and assets of the Ridgecrest Conference Center and the Ridgecrest Summer Camps; and to support the ministries of the Ridgecrest Conference Center and Ridgecrest Summer Camps and their opportunities to impact lives for God’s glory within a loving, servant-minded, purposefully hospitable, and gospel-centered environment." In short, the Ridgecrest Foundation exists to carry on the ministries of Ridgecrest Conference Center, Camp Crestridge, and Camp Ridgecrest so that millions more lives will be impacted in the decades to come.

Who is part of the Ridgecrest Foundation?

The Foundation has a governing board providing oversight and strategic direction, but operational decisions are made by onsite leadership. Board members serve on a volunteer basis with no compensation for board service. Over time, the board will change as terms expire and new board members are added.

The Ridgecrest Foundation is not a membership organization and does not include official representatives from specific groups. However, the board understands and appreciates that many campers, families, summer staff, guests, volunteers, churches, event attendees, friends, and others have been personally impacted by our ministries and passionately believe in our mission. Our personal involvement with the conference center and camps spans over five decades and a variety of roles:

  • Camp Crestridge and Camp Ridgecrest campers
  • Conference center guests
  • Summer staff
  • Camp parents
  • Volunteers
  • Members of both camps’ alumni boards

Each board member is a committed follower of Jesus and brings not only a passion for Ridgecrest, but a depth of professional experience including corporate executive leadership; mergers and acquisitions; capital planning and investment strategy; financial planning and accounting; legal transactional strategy; nonprofit advising; fundraising; risk management; communications; local government; and ministry leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, the Ridgecrest Foundation owns the property and ministries?
Yes, but we understand we are stewarding what ultimately belongs to God!

Are the conference center and camp names changing to The Ridgecrest Foundation?
No, our ministries will remain Camp Crestridge for Girls, Camp Ridgecrest for Boys, and Ridgecrest Conference Center - but instead of being part of Lifeway, they are part of the Ridgecrest Foundation

Does the Ridgecrest Foundation have a separate website?
No. The conference center and camp websites remain our primary presence on the internet.

Does the Ridgecrest Foundation have a Statement of Faith?
Yes, and you can review it here: RF Statement of Faith.

How can I support the Foundation?
Thank you for asking - and thanks to the many of you who have done so already! We will continue to share opportunities as we move forward, but here are some specific ways to pray for us as the Lord brings us to your mind: (1) wisdom - for our board and ministry leaders; (2) safety for our people, property, and purpose; (3) accomplishment of our mission - Impacting lives for God's glory!

How can I receive communication from the Ridgecrest Foundation?
Please complete the form found here: RF Communication Interest.