Summer Staff Members

Audrey Scoggins

ReceptionistNew Staff

Audrey has been around camp for a long time. She was a camper at Crestridge and has been around Ridgecrest through her brother, Chandler Scoggins. This will be her 1st summer on staff.

It's the 9th inning of the World Series, you're up to bat. What's your walk-up song?

Wipe Out by Surfaris

If you could be friends with any fictional character, who would it be, and why?

Ron Swanson

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why or why not?

No, hotdogs are their own category of food. Similar to burgers.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I am thrilled to spend every day with the world's coolest kids!

What is your prayer for this summer?

I pray that everyone who steps onto camp this summer feels God's love for them and that is shown in how the staff loves them.