Summer Staff Members

Cyle Wynne

Tribal LeaderReturners

Cyle grew up as a camper at Ridgecrest and has served the past few summers as a SALT (2017), as a counselor (2018-2019), as the Puppy Director II (2020), and as the Leatherwood TL (2021).

What TV character do you look like (animated or real)?

Wreck-it Ralph

With 4 years to train, what Olympic sport could you most likely medal in?

Curling, I believe that ANYONE could win a medal in curling even if they have 1 year to train.

What National Day should be considered a holiday? Why?

National French Toast Stick Day, it is THE BEST breakfast meal and I will die on that hill if necessary.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Man, I am so pumped to back at camp again this summer and help point young men to Christ. While giving kids a summer that they will never forget!

What is your prayer for this summer?

That the Lord will use me as a tool for his Glory this summer, and that after the session is over that kids will camp wanting to know more about Jesus!