Summer Staff Members

Jacob Kiefer

Jr. CounselorNew Staff

Jacob grew up at camp and was a camper for many summers.

What TV character do you look like (animated or real)?

Tom cruise

With 4 years to train, what Olympic sport could you most likely medal in?

400m hurdles

What National Day should be considered a holiday? Why?

National lost sock Memorial Day. This day should be considered a holiday because we all have lost a sock that was very important to us and when we go to get it out of a drawer it isn’t there.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I am looking forward to the new experiences I will have at camp as a counselor and getting to see campers get closer to God while having a good time.

What is your prayer for this summer?

I pray that this summer kids will be able to enjoy camp and learn more about God while finding brothers in Christ.