Summer Staff Members

Shane Holyoak


This will be Shane's 2nd year on staff. Shane grew up at camp, was a part of the SALT program (2018), then an Apache counselor (2019).

It's the 9th inning of the World Series, you're up to bat. What's your walk-up song?

Baby I'm Yours

If you could be friends with any fictional character, who would it be, and why?

Yoda. He seems to be a very wise man who has a lot to teach.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why or why not?

No, more of a taco. The bread goes all the way around the meat on one side, making it a taco.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

To see God move in the staff and campers at camp and make it an amazing, unforgettable summer.

What is your prayer for this summer?

To see God work through me and the other staffers this summer to help campers meet God or strengthen their relationship with Him.